Advantages of CyberKnife

The CyberKnife system allows an exact therapy adjusted to size, location and character of the tumor. The “virtual knife” follows the natural movement of the body and targets the tumor on the spot: Tumors in moving organs like liver and lung can be tracked digitally and hit precisely. The direction of the treatment beam is automatically corrected by continuous imaging control during the therapy session. 

The treatment is pain-free and gentle. Usually, only one to five treatment sessions are necessary. This ensures that also very small tumors in sensitive body parts can be targeted while sparing the healthy surrounding tissue.

Since the treatment is pain-free and non-invasive, no hospital stay, no anaesthesia and no rehabilitation are required. Overall, the quality of life will not be effected and patients can return to daily activities immediately.

The Cyberknife is flexible and can treat lesions anywhere in the body, for example in the head, spine, bones, lung, liver, pancreas, kidney and the prostate.